Travis Gloyd Construction, Inc., (TGC) near Ft. Wayne, Indiana, has grown from a small business doing mostly residential work to a growing company whose profits come largely from commercial jobs. Looking back on the 20 years it has taken Gloyd to build TGC, he points out key areas underpinning his company's success. With the help of a financial advisor, Gloyd developed a 5-year business plan for TGC. And in the last three years, TGC's annual revenues have grown at an average rate of 25 percent, with the average dollar per project doubling in that same period. Gloyd had to adjust to managing from in the field each day to managing from inside the office. He did this by developing a core management team that was capable and trustworthy. Good internal communication is strongly emphasized at TGC. Foremen meet at the shop every morning and evening and keep daily logs.

Good quality is the top priority in everything TGC does. The company is quick to take advantage of equipment advances that improve quality and productivity. As far as selection of mix designs, TGC sticks to the basics. If air tests, slump tests, and test cylinders are not part of the specifications, TGC pays for the tests to ensure quality control. If the concrete does not meet specifications, it's removed and replaced. TGC's relationship with general contractors is the key to a bid award rate of 35 percent and comfortable profit margins on commercial projects. TGC lands a lot of repeat business with local, regional, and nationally operating general contractors because of its reputation for quality, correctness to specifications, and competitive pricing.