Normally, this time of year, my colleagues and I would be headed to Atlanta for the International Concrete Polishing and Staining Conference (ICPSC). But in April, ICPSC decided to postpone its next conference until 2015 to focus on building an advisory board and to re-examine the scope, location, and timing of their event. I am pleased to share with you that a date and place has been set for the next polishing conference, and it coincides with my favorite trade show, World of Concrete (WOC).

ICPSC 2015 will be held in Las Vegas immediately before WOC, on the grounds of the same convention center as WOC. Educational seminars begin Monday, Feb. 2, with a welcome reception planned for that evening, and on-slab demonstrations on Feb. 3. The staff of Concrete Surfaces will also present our annual Polished Concrete Awards winners at the ICPSC reception.

Also, the Concrete Polishing Luncheon, which is sponsored by ICPSC, will take place Feb. 3, with a focus on slip resistance. And SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings’ 2015 Conference and Expo takes place Feb. 3-6 at the Westgate Hotel next to the convention center.

This is great news for contractors and manufacturers who, in the past, had to choose between ICPSC’s niche industry event and the larger, all-encompassing WOC show. I, for one, am looking forward to having all of my industry-specific needs met in one place, by merely adding an extra day or two to my travel plans.

ICPSC is geared for polishing contractors as well as flooring, resurfacing, coatings, and other contractors looking to diversify their work. What do you think about having the conference co-located with WOC? Let me know at