Proceq SA of Switzerland, maker of portable precision instruments for quality testing of concrete, metal and paper/film rolls in the construction, manufacturing and engineering consulting industries, has acquired 100 percent interest in U.K.-based CNS Farnell Ltd. CNS Farnell manufactures quality-testing products that are complementary to Proceq's offerings.

Proceq and CNS Farnell are world-leading brands and the acquisition of CNS Farnell will further strengthen Proceq's position as a global leader in the development and supply of quality testing instruments. CNS Farnell has an excellent reputation, built up in part by innovative products such as Pundit, which uses ultrasonic testing technology to detect cracks and other defects in concrete.

CNS Farnell customers will automatically benefit from Proceq's prompt customer service and widespread distribution network. Proceq has own subsidiaries in Switzerland, the United States, Singapore, China, United Arab Emirates, Brazil and Russia.