The Amant art space, designed by SO-IL, is a series of noncommercial art studios and exhibition galleries located in a Brooklyn warehouse district that won the ARCHITECHT Progressive Architecture Award 2016. It features exposed cast-in-place concrete in both its structure and envelope.

Currently, SO-IL is experimenting with two methods for the casting of the roof and ceiling layers: CNC-milled polystyrene covered with a fitted membrane is the formwork for double-curved concrete shells for the complex areas and plywood ribs support curved sheathing that forms the face of each concrete piece for the simpler area.

The resulting design is the product of intensive material research, but also an experiment in aggregated sculpture: Concrete is manipulated to perform structurally but delicately. Amant’s final form is a seamless whole that distorts material expectations but also diffuses the building’s impact in its low-rise neighborhood with a quiet, dour material sensibility.

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