Work clothing plays a more prominent role in on the job safety than is usually appreciated. When employees furnish their own work clothing, they may well reporting on the job "dressed to kill." Experience has shown that when the choice is left to employees, their tendency is to wear work clothing which is not good enough for any other purpose. These clothing contain items such as pant leg cuffs that can get caught on protruding machinery causing a fall which could cripple a man for life. This can be avoided with uniforms that are practical and selected carefully with due consideration of on the job conditions. In choosing a uniform, the Institute of Industrial Launderers suggests that the following points be kept in mind: (1) cotton uniforms are best for most purposes. (2) Standard colors are preferable. (3) Unnecessary decoration should be avoided. (4) Company identification can be obtained by the use of well-designed company emblems. (5) Since drivers are more often seen by the public than other employees, their uniforms should always be clean and attractive, and should bear the company identification to assure their acceptance as its representative.