Though many concrete contractors rely on general contractors to protect jobsite equipment - especially equipment left overnight such as forming systems, paving machines, and cranes - improved jobsite security should be everyone's concern. Moreover, say many administrators of anti-theft and anti-vandalism programs, high-tech security systems are rarely needed and are generally much too expensive. The most effective crime prevention activities, they say, are often the simplest and least expensive: writing a security plan, establishing worker responsibility at the jobsite, and giving the crews the resources needed to implement security measures.

Many contractors don't keep track of the equipment they have in the field, yet this information is very important to prove a loss to an equipment insurer. To maintain inventory, equipment managers should keep and update an "equipment dossier" for each major piece of equipment. The dossier should include a photo, an operation time log, a repair and maintenance log, and a copy of the invoice or lease agreement. This information can be used to prove a loss to insurers, to establish the value of stolen or destroyed equipment, and to assist law enforcement personnel in an investigation of a theft.