Pumping usually is an efficient and safe way to move concrete. But like other jobs that require working with heavy equipment, pumping can be dangerous if not done correctly. The pump line crew should follow some simple safety guidelines to minimize injuries to themselves and other workers. When workers are careless, accidents are more likely to occur. Foremost, on any job, workers should be knowledgeable about the procedures to follow and the equipment they are using. Workers should have adequate training before being sent out with the pumping crew. Appropriate clothing must be worn around machinery, and the proper protective equipment should be worn at all times. Be aware of the pump boom movements at all times. If the boom operator strikes an overhead electrical wire, anyone in contact with the pump, line, or truck can be electrocuted. Handling placement hose is strenuous so it is important to have enough workers on the job to avoid injury. Fatigued workers are a hazard to themselves and coworkers. The safest way to clean out lines is with water. Never open a pipeline under pressure. The operator must first release the pressure in the line before clamps can be undone. Placement hose must be disconnected before cleaning.