Punchlist Manager.Net (PLM.Net) by Service Software, Denver, is an online tool for builders and contractors to use with homeowners, vendors, and staff. It was presented at the 2006 International Builders Show as a program to automate warranty service. Whether a vendor's update, a homeowner's request, or a jobsite punch list to manage, PunchList Manager communicates in real time. Anywhere there is Internet access, customers and field personnel can check on the progress of warranty and punch list items and warranty maintenance.

The program has instant reporting with e-mail merge capabilities and an easy PDF conversion. Company vendors log in their reports, enter updates on products, or request information changes. And there is a place for customers to rate the vendors.

The program becomes a sales tool when owners hear about access to their homeowner information in real time. One of the biggest complaints from homeowners is a company's untimely response. Online communication gives homeowners instant access to review their homeowner's manual, make claims, check workorder status, and even print workorder reports. Customer complaints diminish with instant information and follow-up available. If a homeowner is too picky, the program permits limiting the type and frequency of the lists a homeowner is allowed to submit or access. Users cannot submit additional items on a previously submitted list.

The Service Software team presents Punchlist Manager.Net at IBS 2006; left to right: Mike Rhyne, Dan Long, Dave Eisenberg, Tom Cirman, and Deb LaBrosse.
The Service Software team presents Punchlist Manager.Net at IBS 2006; left to right: Mike Rhyne, Dan Long, Dave Eisenberg, Tom Cirman, and Deb LaBrosse.

With the Customer Care portal, superintendents can check on worker progress from the truck, tracking when items are sent out and grouping calendar service events to increase efficiency. Field supervisors have a well-organized follow-up. Instead of making many phone calls and manually checking records, they can access information online and make proactive decisions on the jobsite. Pre-close punch lists can be managed more competently because completed tasks are logged in to make a job billable. The program allows follow-up. After closing, warranty maintenance can be scheduled and monitored.

You might think PLM.NET is only for larger companies, but builders building 1 to 20 homes a year use the service as much as the big builder because it tracks everything from pre-close through the warranty period, and it is portable. “In fact, one company has up to a 10-year history of work orders, pictures, and correspondence on its homes,” reports Tom Cirman, Service Software sales manager. He adds, “Our customers tell us that a company's service costs are reduced and revenues increased by using proper warranty determination, and by charging vendors and homeowners for work that is not warrantable.”

PLM.NET needs no software. It is all online. The charge for the service after setup is $100.00 per month per user license. Customers also have the option to self-host the system allowing PLM.NET to reside on their servers. This may be more efficient for 10 or more user licenses. Other programs available include PunchList Manager Palm, Punchlist Manager Tablet, and Punchlist Manager Desktop. Pricing options differ depending on programs and setup. Call Punchlist for more information: 800-583-8474 or go to www.punchlistmanager.com.