Before beginning a demolition project, OSHA mandates that an engineering survey of the structure be undertaken by a competent person. The survey determines the condition of the framing, floors, and walls, and also the possibility of the unplanned collapse of any portion of the structure. Safe floor loads should be determined to prevent overloading with demolition debris.

Hold a prejob safety meeting with all workers. Explain how the work is to proceed and the techniques that will be used. Workers should understand their individual jobs and the jobs of those working around them. Stress safety basics, common sense, alertness, and proper use of demolition equipment daily. Safety meetings should cover inspection, proper use, and maintenance of hand tools (such as wire and bolt cutters, sledges and hammers, wrecking bars or crowbars and hand shovels), power tools (compressed air, electricity, gasoline, and other power sources are all added hazards), and machine mounted tools.