I have to be honest with you, I never really gave concrete much of a thought outside of the highway- and pipe-related feature stories I had written while I was an editor for a different publication.

Sure, I was conscious of concrete's use in construction-related applications, how could you not be—it can be found everywhere. Even when I attended World of Concrete a few years ago, I was amazed by the enormity of the show. I remember thinking “Is the concrete industry really this big?”

In my short time here at Residential Concrete and Concrete Construction, I have quickly realized how wrong I was in second-guessing the depth of the concrete industry while attending World of Concrete.

While researching the residential and commercial construction marketplaces, I found that the concrete industry is expected to reach the neighborhood of $120 billion in 2007 alone. Needless to say, I certainly have a new appreciation of the size of the residential and commercial concrete industries, as well as the ancillary sectors of each industry.

Specific to Residential Concrete, the rebuilding and remodeling applications involving concrete in homes are rapidly becoming more popular in regards to interior and exterior decorative applications such as countertops and patios to name a select few.

As such, the residential and concrete contractors, builders, and architects that make up the circulation of this magazine obviously need to remain abreast of the latest technologies, developments, and applications for this booming industry segment.

Currently, the editorial content published in Residential Concrete examines the value and benefits of concrete in specific residential applications with the goal of educating subscribers so that they may incorporate these techniques and practices.

There is certainly no reason to change this basic premise behind the editorial philosophy of RESIDENTIAL CONCRETE, which invokes a technical, how-to approach.

On the flip side, as Residential Concrete looks toward the future, the editorial staff also is researching additional editorial ideas and content in order to continue addressing your ever-changing needs in regards to residential concrete projects.

Residential Concrete's main goal is to help you improve your business, and I can ensure you that with the expertise of our in-house editorial staff, as well as the use of a wide variety of experienced residential concrete resources, we will maintain the editorial direction of this publication, specifically with your business in mind.

I encourage you to contact me at tgregorski@hanleywood.com or 773-824-2512 with your ideas, suggestions, and comments. As the people that drive this publication, your opinions are highly valued.

— Tim Gregorski,
Editor in Chief