A form system often used in the construction of walls is the premanufactured, reusable handset. Handsets come in a variety of sizes to allow the contractor to adapt them to each job. Unlike a gang system than can be stripped as a unit by crane, these units are stripped piece by piece, and worker safety can be a problem. Workers sometimes find it easier to strip handset forms by climbing on top of the wall and prying panels off while walking along the wall. Some workers climb forms to reach work areas. These are common practices when stripping formwork, but with the new OSHA fall-protection standards taking effect in 1995 contractors will have to evaluate the safety of their stripping methods. OSHA states that each employee on the face of formwork shall be protected from falling 6 feet or more. Personal fall-arrest systems and positioning devices are two OSHA-approved methods for protecting workers from falls when stripping forms. Safety nets also can be used, but are more common for multistory jobs. Evaluate each job and its conditions when choosing how to strip wall forms. Try to develop a system that is right for you and is acceptable to the OSHA compliance officer.