At TCA's 2006 Annual Convention, held in Denver Oct. 4–7, the Association debuted its first Safety Achievement Awards. According to TCA Membership Communications Director Ben Saltzman, the program was developed to enhance TCA's overall Achievement Awards program, providing a new component that emphasizes safety.

“The main purpose for the Safety Awards is to recognize TCA contractor members for their continuing efforts in creating safer tilt-up working environments for their employees,” said Saltzman. TCA has broken the awards into three categories:

  • Best Tilt-up Safety Achievement Award: Recognizes the firm with the lowest incident rate in 2005. Since there were several firms achieving a zero incident rate, the award was given to the company with the highest number of annual work hours.
  • Zero Lost-time Accident Achievement Award: Recognizes all submitting companies who achieved an incident rate of zero for 2005.
  • Certificate of Recognition: Awarded to all companies whose incident rate fell below the national average for structure contractors, a number that was made available by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

And the winners of the 2006 TCA Safety Awards are:

Best Safety Achievement Award: Clayco Construction/Concrete Strategies

Zero Lost Time Accident Achievement Award: Clayco Construction/Concrete Strategies, James B. Pirtle Construction Co. Inc., Kelley Construction, Inc. Morgan-Keller Inc., Newcomb Construction Co. Inc., Neyer Construction Inc., Superior Concrete Constructors Inc.

Certificate of Recognition: All West Construction Inc., American Constructors LP, Big D Construction Corp., Carl A. Nelson & Co., Centurion Construction Co., Clayco Construction/Concrete Strategies, Elkins Constructors Inc., Engelman Construction Inc., The Haskell Co., James B. Pirtle Construction Co. Inc., Kelley Construction Inc., Miller-Valentine Construction LLC, Morgan-Keller Inc., Newcomb Construction Co. Inc., Neyer Construction Inc., Nielson Builders Inc., Oltmans Construction Co., SSI Incorporated, Star Builders Inc., Sundt Construction, Superior Concrete Constructors Inc., Woodland Construction Co.