If you're looking for software for construction applications, swing by the Technology For Construction area at World of Concrete. From integrated packages that will run your entire operation to highly focused special-purpose programs that solve very specific problems, you can see it in the South Hall between the 12300 and 13300 aisles. More than 70 companies and associations will be showing their products this year. Beyond new and improved software offerings, you'll also find things like Sensors & Software's newly enhanced ground penetrating radar (S12952), EarthCam's latest video surveillance packages (S12652), and the job and bid notification services provided by Sub-Hub (S12739). For more information to help you plan your visit to the show, visit www.worldofconcrete.com. Circle the number on the reader service card for information on any of the following companies.

GPR system delivers images fast

The Conquest GPR system is designed for quick evaluation of concrete. It delivers fast, real-time imaging for people who need to evaluate, drill, or cut structures on the spot. It can locate rebar, conduits, post-tensioning cables, and reinforcing mesh, and transfer that data to a PC for further enhancement. Sensors & Software Inc. 800-267-6013. www.sensoft.ca. World of Concrete Booth S12952.

Software makes info instantly available

HeavyJob Field Management Software records daily jobsite information such as labor hours, equipment hours, progress quantities, major material receipt and usage, and daily notes. The information is instantly available throughout the company for timecards, payroll hours, equipment usage analysis, and material analysis. HCSS. 800-683-3196. www.hcss.com. World of Concrete Booth S13151.

Enterprise-level software solution

CMiC Project Management is a powerful enterprise-level solution that provides the tools to manage contacts, automate the sales process, monitor and control costs, and handle both human capital and assets. It supports the natural project management work-flow with modular packages including Bid & Procurement Management, Document Management, Site Management, and Collaboration Manager. CMiC. 416-736-0123. www.cmic.ca. World of Concrete Booth S12445.

New reporting capabilities

Sage Master Builder version 12 has new reporting capabilities through the Executive Dashboard that gives business owners the ability to quickly check the overall health of the company. It also features instant access to cash balance, job status, and change orders, as well as a faster licensing process. Sage Software. 866-308-2378. www.sagesoftware.com. World of Concrete Booth S12639.

Software streamlines estimating

Carlson Takeoff offers drawing cleanup features and advanced graphics routines that streamline the estimating process. It can input all data formats, including DWG, DXF, LandXML, Centerline, Profiles, and Section Data. It calculates cut/fill material volumes and 3-D simulations, and has capabilities for road-work, trenching, drillholes, and sub-grades. It is available as an AutoCAD-based product or as a module of Carl-son 2007. Carlson Software. 800-989-5028. www.carlsonsw.com. World of Concrete Booth S12655.

Interactive 3-D graphics

The new Estimator 7.5 features interactive 3-D graphics that allow the user to see the elements of the project in real time. With a click of the mouse, the user can zoom, rotate, and even go inside the exploded view to examine components from the inside out. Quest Solutions. 800-452-2342. www.questsolutions.com. World of Concrete Booth S12339.