This article undertakes to tell you something about the programs of these organizations so that you will be more aware of their activities and better able to take advantage of their services. American Concrete Institute is dedicated exclusively to educational and scientific objectives unbiased by commercial interest. Its activities cover every conceivable phase of research, design, construction, and maintenance related to concrete. Membership in the American Concrete Institute forges an effective and creative working association between the individual and some 10,000 others with an important stake in the progress of concrete technology. The annual meeting draws contractors, engineers and architects from 74 countries. Area meetings emphasize local problems. The American Society for Testing Materials is a non-profit national technical society, the activities of which embrace research and standardization of methods of testing and specification for materials. Its work is accomplished largely through the activities of some 80 main technical committees which are responsible for the collection of data, the initiation and correlation of research, and the development of standard specifications and methods of test for materials. The ASTM carries on an active publishing program covering an impressive list of standards, indexes, proceedings, symposiums and special publications. Organized in 1930, The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association has its headquarters in Washington, D. C. Any person or firm engaged in the production or sale of ready mixed concrete is eligible for active membership, and associate memberships are open to companies or individuals furnishing materials, equipment or supplies to the ready mixed concrete industry. The group holds an annual convention each year and a biennial trade show in connection with conventions in even numbered years. The Portland Cement Association is known throughout the United States and Canada as a source of reliable information on every conceivable aspect of design and construction practice. Apart from its research activities, the association also does education, offers technical support and does promotion. Other such agencies are the Calcium Chloride Institute, the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute, National Concrete Contractors Association, Prestressed Concrete Institute, and the Wire Reinforcement Institute.