Nobody wants to see an employee or co-worker get hurt on the job. To an employer, accidents are expensive. Lost work time and revenue can take a chunk out of the bottom line. For example, 14% of all lost-time accidents were due to falls from elevations. But a greater concern is that some accidents can be fatal. The most frequently cited standard, which requires the use of head protection, was cited in 142 fatality inspections by OSHA over a 5-year period.

  1. Head protection from impact, flying or falling objects, and electrical burns
  2. Guardrails for open-sided floors or platforms.
  3. Protective system for excavations
  4. Ground fault protection
  5. Guardrails of tubular welded-frame scaffolds
  6. Electric path to ground
  7. Stair rails and handrails on stairways
  8. Safe access for scaffolding