Total Quality Management is an operational philosophy, a way of thinking, and a way of working. It has three main themes: customer satisfaction, participative management, and ongoing improvement. The focus is on improving quality by removing defects and solving problems. A major difference between TQM and TPQM is that TPQM focuses on problems unique to the construction process. These problems are referred to as the 10 deadly problem areas: 1. Redo work. 2. Number of items on the punch list. 3. Number of accidents at the jobsite. 4. Workers idle because they ran out of work. 5. Substance abuse 6. Workers or machines idle waiting on material, labor, equipment, tools, or another firm. 7. Theft or waste of material, tools, or equipment. 8. Multiple handling of material. 9. Late or inaccurate job-cost reports 10. Disputes, changes, or claims