Training within a company must encompass all phases of the operation. This includes the office staff and the shop as well as the field. Furthermore, all training we initiate includes safety as an integral part of that goal. To try to make safety a separate entity is unrealistic and counterproductive. Each and every discussion of how to do the job should be labeled how to do the job most efficiently and safely. Without this marriage of the two, no amount of training will totally satisfy the objectives.

One of the most important areas of training, in addition to the training of office and shop personnel, is the field. Quality training of crews who build the tanks brings the big payoff. Naturally the other areas are important, but in the final analysis, the field crews must build the tanks as specified or a company will not survive. To this end, we direct our principal training energies. Our construction crews are classified in two major divisions: nozzlemen and tankbuilders. Each of these divisions is further subdivided into three groups, which are certified, senior and foreman.

When a person reaches the foreman level, either tankbuilder or shotcrete, he may possess the abilities to become a superintendent. If he indicates a desire to become a superintendent and the board of directors concurs, he is given further training in areas of management, safety, construction with concrete, and math. This is accomplished by tailoring the courses of a nationally known correspondence school to our requirements. Training is a vital part of our corporation's operational goals. The reputation of a company is based largely on the finished product and the quality of people within the company. Continuous, quality training of human resources will ensure an excellent reputation as well as providing a profitable project.