The advantages two way radio offers to contractors have been discussed innumerable times, but some contractors are still discovering the facts for themselves. One of these, Fred Weber Contractor, Inc., of St. Louis, Missouri, found that it could improve communications with far flung crew via two way radios. Weber is the largest road contractor in the state of Missouri, with some 800 employees during the peak road building season. Weber first installed a two way system as a matter of economics. Says John Weber, vice president and secretary of the firm, "At the time, we had three mobile telephones in cars of three officers. The phones were good, but they were expensive. We found that our monthly bill from the three telephones was the price of one radio." Mr. Weber notes that, as a result of radio coordination, the firm subcontracts only about 3 per cent of its work, as compared to an industry average of about 35 percent in the road construction business, and a higher percentage in general construction work. He says, "There is not any way of pinning down the amount of money saved per day or per year by the use of radio. If the total ever were able to be computed, it would be a tremendous amount and would make any contractor or businessman take notice."