Controlling job forming cost should start with an analysis of alternative forming methods before the job is bid. Using breakeven charts is the best way to compare the dramatically different forming methods. They show the relationship between forming costs and the number of pours on a job. Other methods, such as total cost charts or cost-per-square-foot charts, make it hard to compare both costs from job to job and look at cash flow. Breakeven charts allow for both.

Breakeven charts show the spreadsheet data in graphical form. They show how formwork system costs vary with time or number of pours. The graphs clearly show the breakeven costs, which is where two lines intersect. They show which forming system costs less at each pour in the job, and how both fixed costs and variable costs affect the picture. The graphs also help you catch math errors from the spreadsheets. Cost breakeven analysis shows which method of forming is the most cost-effective for a given number of pours.