The concrete industry has a food chain, and if you move too slowly, you can be quickly devoured in today’s marketplace. To make matters worse, getting your ideas across to your clients can be extremely frustrating. Regardless of how well you understand concrete placement, depending on their amount of experience, others might not catch on right away. Luckily, there’s a technological edge you might have overlooked. Here’s an advantage that will help your customers conceptualize your next pour, while promoting your organization: using YouTube.

YouTube, has an unlimited number of free videos on the Internet. These days, nearly everyone is watching it. So how can online videos help your business thrive? You can either search YouTube for similar concrete projects you are proposing, or better yet, you could easily start your own YouTube channel. For example, here’s the YouTube channel from Barton Malow with dozens of projects and methods:

How does YouTube help your company succeed? Not every homeowner knows the difference between exposed aggregate, and stamped or stained concrete. Not every project manager knows when it is advantageous to choose between a pump or a conveyor, or precast walls and tilt-up. With YouTube or other online video sites like you could easily show your loyal and future customers abstract ideas that you want to set in concrete. The best part is you can post your ideas on these video websites, and share them with others for free.

You don’t necessarily have to have a website to post your own videos either. To use YouTube, all you need is a Gmail address, which is free too. You can also email YouTube videos of your best work to potential customers without hosting your own website. Why would you want to send a video of a concrete project to your next client? If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a free video worth?

Not only do you not need your own website, you don’t even need expensive video equipment to get started. There are free apps like YouTube’s Capture which you can download on your smartphone or tablet. Anyone can collect and log their own projects to showcase. From groundwork to forming, to placement to completion, your concrete ideas can all be easily captured on video for free.

In today’s market, word of mouth will never be outdone in generating contracts. Since most of your customers research their decisions online, it only makes sense to move in the direction of posting your own videos. Uploading your own videos onto YouTube is easier than grading concrete that is being poured at an 8-inch slump. With the winter season already upon us, why not begin to take advantage of a free resource that your customers are already using, and get a head start on the other guy now?

Craig Cottongim is certified in conflict resolution and is a long-time concrete finisher who is also a writer and communicator. E-mail

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