Kryton International Inc. has launched an extended warranty and quality control program for concrete waterproofing construction — The Krystol Assurance Program.

The performance warranty guarantees that areas of a structure waterproofed by Kryton will remain watertight for 10 years. It also provides enhanced quality control and project support through consistent onsite supervision, mix design consultation, jointing design review and training for applicators by Kryton representatives.

"Water intrusion and the damage it causes is the number one contributor to a concrete repair industry worth billions of dollars every year," says Kari Yuers, CEO of Kryton. "Building owners and developers need to manage the risks associated with concrete failure. Partnering with reliable concrete waterproofing experts is one of an owner's most strategic investments and this program ensures that investment pays off with long term peace of mind."

The Krystol Assurance Program is distinct from the company's standard warranty. While the company's standard warranty guarantees every product is free from manufacturer defects, the Krystol Assurance Program includes services such as onsite supervision, inspection, concrete mix design consulting and applicator training. These additional services enable the company to offer a performance based warranty that covers all materials and labor required for repair or replacement should leaks occur within the warranty period.

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