Billions of dollars are lost annually in the construction industry due to weather. This impact is felt most heavily in the concrete segment of the industry. It was determined and reported in a recent book that a large proportion of the weather created dollar losses could be saved through the appropriate use of weather information. A larger proportional savings is possible in the concrete portion of the industry. Availability status of each of the weather products required by the construction industry was assessed according to current National Weather Services availability. It was concluded that some of the products deemed essential to the concrete industry are now made available by the National Weather Service through mass dissemination media and teletypewriter circuits. Other products are considered by forecasters in their daily routines but are not disseminated, and still others, due to their specialized nature, would require additional effort to generate as well as to disseminate. Private meteorological organizations must be utilized in order to satisfy the weather information needs of the concrete industry- especially where these needs include a constant weather watch, revisions, and updates on a 24 hours bases, and rapid dissemination of information to the user. While the National Weather Service can supply useful general information to construction interests, the specific detailed weather forecasts- including the timing of critical events, and rapid updates when this timing occasionally goes astray- can only be adequately performed by some private weather services.