The American Society for Concrete Contractors awarded the prestigious Safety Improvement Award to Wayne Brothers, Inc., a Charlotte, NC area concrete/grading subcontractor. This is the second year in a row that Wayne Brothers has received this award. Keith Wayne, President of Wayne Brothers, Inc., accepted the award for his company. The award ceremony was held on September 17th at The American Society for Concrete Contractors' annual convention in Atlanta, Ga.

To date, Wayne Brothers, Inc. has worked in excess of 640,000 man-hours with no lost-time accidents and 160,000 hours with no OSHA Recordables. This is an impressive accomplishment in the heavy construction industry. The company is recognized within the concrete construction industry for its proactive approach to safety.

Jason Sisk, Wayne Brothers Safety Director, explains, "The prevention of serious workplace accidents on construction jobsites, particularly when doing elevated or vertical work, is a pressing concern in heavy construction. Wayne Brothers has implemented strenuous OSHA approved training, personal protection equipment regulations, and safety inspections on its job sites. Our goal for this fiscal year is absolutely no accidents."

Field Safety Supervisor, Mike Picciano, cites the recent work at Bush Beans in Dandridge, TN as a key example of the success of the company's safety initiative.

"In spite of limited access and long workdays," Picciano explained, "WBI placed over 300 cubic yards of concrete and worked approximately 4,300 man hours without a single incident or injury on the project."