This is where I’m supposed to write something pithy and heartfelt about how glad I am to be back working on Concrete Construction. Then I’m supposed to come up with an insightful observation to show my strong connection to and empathy for the concrete industry. Well, look, I am very glad to be back working for CC where I feel I can make a contribution to the concrete industry, to which I have a strong and unending commitment. So let’s move on from there and you can judge the rest for yourself.

If you are a regular CC reader, you will begin to see some changes in the magazine over the next few months—more pith and less prattle. So let’s start with me. We have limited pages during these tough times and I’m not willing to risk boring you with the same old letter from the editor when there’s so much more we can do. Starting next month, we’re going to use this page to tell you about what’s really going on in the concrete biz: rumors, truths, ideas.

The other thing I don’t like about the typical editor’s letter is its self-congratulatory nature. This magazine isn’t about me; there is a whole team that creates it and I want to introduce you to some of them now:

• Joe Nasvik, our ageless senior editor, is the heart and soul of the magazine and perhaps of the entire concrete industry, especially on the decorative side.

• Kate Hamilton is our efficient and productive managing editor. She’s the one telling us all what to do, which doesn’t always make her popular, but does make her essential.

• Rick Yelton, our idea man, knows what’s going on throughout the industry and is now our liaison to the World of Concrete and special projects.

• Tom Bagsarian quietly and intelligently produces Concrete Surfaces and The Concrete Producer.

• Lindsay Woodward, tweet-master and social media maven extraordinaire, is our young, bright, sparkling web producer.

• Percy Marioni creatively lays out the magazine, and because editors are always late, he usually has to do it with little time for inspiration.

• Colette Palait knows everything about the magazine and the company, and is who we go to when we don’t know who else to go to.

• Greg Cooke, associate publisher, is our energizer bunny, out there selling ideas and ads to the industry’s manufacturers.

And we can’t forget our boss, Pat Carroll, who has lots of things going on these days but continues to have a strong commitment to CC’s mission.

Keep in touch with all of us and I hope you will enjoy the changes we make to the magazine and websites.