Guaranteed concrete has been the subject of many a discussion over the years and still there is no common practice in what the guarantee should be and how compliance should be measured. This problem is a complex one with many facets- and different approaches are required depending on circumstances. There is no single dogmatic answer to the question. The best guarantees are based on specifications. There are two broad categories of specifications covering quality of concrete- the prescription type and the performance type- and there is the combination of the two in which the customer specifies both performance and limitations on prescription. Guaranteed strength specifications present many serious problems of administration and of assessment of penalties. The returns are not in until the structure is built! For general purposes, therefore, the prescription type of specification is most protective of everyone concerned. The customer can not literally be present at the ready producers plant. Therefore some alternatives could be: one, a mutual confidence must be between the customer and producer. Two, a certification should exist on the part of the producer that he has complied with the specifications requirements. Three, Automation, coupled with various recording devices, offer a promise of furnishing necessary evidence of compliance with batch weight requirements. And four, there should be follow up strength test even for prescription specifications.