Are you interested in the future of concrete construction in North America? Do you have ideas on what could be done to improve concrete construction? If so, you should consider attending Concrete 2029 in San Antonio on May 10. This meeting is the first step in a major industry effort.

At this gathering of industry leaders we will conduct a visioning workshop to attempt to define where we are today and what could be done over the next 13 years to make concrete construction the method of choice. The meeting will start with a series of short talks to pinpoint the problems. Jay Thomas (Structural Group) will discuss the variation in delivery. Jeff Coleman will look at the owner's mindset. Ron Magnus (FMI) will talk about why it's so difficult for us to attrack new blood to the industry workforce. Chris Plue (Webcor) will describe what needs to happen to improve productivity. Peter Emmons and Bev Ganant will review why the industry has a poor image.

Then we'll go into breakout sessions to seek answers. Discussion topics include contractor certification, the workforce, durability assessment, the collaborative workplace, and industry perception. You can learn more and sign up by clicking here. I hope to see you in San Antonio. If you have comments or questions, let me know.