This is the inauguration of a new CC column intended to put you on the inside of the concrete industry. Look to this page for new ideas, programs, and even rumors. Tell me what’s going on and I’ll include anything we have room for that seems relevant and appropriate.

RMC Foundation

The RMC Research and Education Foundation is the industry’s premier funding body for—well, research and education. Currently, the bulk of its funding is going to the Massachusetts Institue of Technology’s (MIT) Concrete Sustainability Hub. Foundation director Julie Garbini, in a recent report to supporters (such as our parent company, Hanley Wood), said this is because they feel concrete can make real inroads into sustainable construction if the story is presented properly, and the best way to do that is with unimpeachable research, such as the kind being done at MIT. The RMC Foundation will have a strong presence at the upcoming International Concrete Sustainability Conference, Aug. 9–11 in Cambridge, Mass.

Design/build increases

The Design-Build Institute of America has released the results of a study showing that more than 40% of nonresidential construction projects in 2010 were built using the design/build delivery method. For military projects that portion was 80%. If you’ve never worked in a design/build approach it may soon be coming to a project near you. To learn more go to

ACI repair notes

If you aren’t a member of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) you might want to consider it. ACI has a lot of new member benefits, including a free download of a document each year. My favorites this year are the repair Tech Notes that have just been reissued by Committee 364, Rehabilitation. These short guides answer one very specific question, such as, when repairing damaged concrete with corroded reinforcing steel, how much concrete needs to be removed from around the bar? There’s another that describes in detail how to minimize bruising of the concrete during repair. Check them out at

Joe the concrete pro

Our own Joe Nasvik was interviewed recently by Bosch’s Joe Sainz (Joe the Pro)—lots of Joes in this business! Speaking from his nearly 60 years of concrete experience, Nasvik talks about the importance of training and certification, as well as some of the developments he sees impacting the business—such as admixtures, placing technology, cordless tools, BIM, and cell phone apps. Read the full article.