The number of women in construction is growing, but not nearly enough considering  the increasing labor shortage and opportunity for good wages and a solid career. That's the main takeaway from a recent Marketplace report from Mitchell Hartman. He interviewed three women with unique perspectives.

Holly Huntley runs Environs, a small construction firm in Portland, Oregon. She’s 37 and grew up in South Carolina. She was a debutante in her teens, and started as an amateur in construction during college, helping to manage and maintain an apartment building her family owned ... She worked for several small construction firms, moved to Portland, and started her own company ... “I know a lot of women in the trades that experience harassment on a daily basis,” she says. “And what I all my female employees get from subcontractors and people making deliveries is: ‘Where’s the contractor?’ They all think that we’re the homeowner. They don’t even think that we’re working ...”

Listen to the report below and read more. Also, find out about women in concrete at the second Women in Concrete Forum.