In the very issue of Concrete Construction where I asked “Do You Really Care About Safety?” we featured an unsafe practice on the cover. Here are two readers who noticed. Mea culpa!

Your August 2014 cover photo prominently features a worker committing a safety violation by traversing a ladder with one hand while carrying a bucket with the other. The worker cannot maintain three points of contact at all times. Tools/materials should be lowered prior to descending or hoisted after climbing using a rope after the worker has safely climbed up or down the ladder.
Ted Bowes, President, Excell Concrete Construction, Timonium, Md.

Just reading your article on safety in the August issue of Concrete Construction. I was wondering if you looked at the cover of the magazine? Great picture. Ladder extended 3 feet above landing, ladder is tied off just like it should be. The problem is the construction worker carrying a five gallon pail up the ladder. How do you have three points of contact with the ladder at all times? Probably not the best picture to use.
Mike Kemp, QA/QC Department, McGough Construction, St. Paul, Minn.