year, Concrete Construction, the parent magazine to Residential Concrete, compiles a list of the largest concrete contractors in America. One of the construction categories we ask about is residential construction. Residential has always been a minor portion of the work of the 100 largest concrete contractors in our list—about 12% based on 2005 revenue.

This is an aberration in the survey. Our report in the November 2005 issue of CC on the overall size of the U.S. concrete industry showed that residential concrete work is by far the biggest sector of the industry ($52 billion of the $110 billion total). All this would imply is that the bulk of the residential work is being done by smaller contractors who didn't make it into the CC100, which cuts off at about $10 million in concrete-related revenue.

But over the past few years that has begun to change and several basement and residential slab-on-grade contractors have grown large, especially in those areas where residential construction has been booming: Florida, Arizona, Nevada, and California. That trend took a big leap forward in June with the debut of SelectBuild, a division of BMC Construction. BMC, a San Francisco-based home builder, has purchased several leading residential concrete contractors, including Campbell Concrete in Las Vegas, WBC Construction in Florida, and BBP Concrete in Phoenix. Campbell and BBP were number 1 and 2, respectively, on CC's 2005 list of the top U.S. residential concrete contractors, which means SelectBuild is now not only the nation's largest residential concrete contractor, but the largest concrete contractor, period. With this new company at the top, here's the list from the CC100 of the 15 largest residential concrete contractors and how much (in millions $) each made in 2005 on residential concrete work.

I don't pretend that this list is comprehensive. Many that should be on the list are not. Therefore, we are announcing that in 2007, Residential Concrete will create the first ever list of the 100 leading residential concrete contractors. Big isn't necessarily best, of course, but if you would like your company to be considered for the list, please drop me a note at