Owner: Zeke Zinchiak
Location: Woodbine, Md.
Staff: 16 Employees

Z Con Inc. is a midsized concrete construction company located in Woodbine, Md., with a staff of 16 employees. Zeke Zinchiak, owner of Z Con, started his career placing concrete in the early 70s in Philadelphia, continuing his work with concrete for 20 years for a company in Maryland, and then starting his own company in 1992. With a focus on building new concrete structures—from footings and slabs to walls—Z Con is unique in its area because it can provide full concrete services on projects that smaller companies cannot and that may not be profitable for larger companies. Zinchiak attributes part of his success to having a good working relationship with his employees. “We provide our employees with excellent equipment, ongoing training, and education. We stress safety and provide a healthy drug-free work environment,” he says.

He currently is working on a wash pit for Lafarge North America at their Frederick, Md., stone quarry. The main purpose of the pit is to receive and recycle the wash water as the trucks are rinsed off when they go though the wash rack. The pit will feature 14-foot-tall walls designed to separate the dirt and stone particles. Zinchiak says they have worked with Lafarge in the past and continue to have a good working relationship with them; another key factor in being successful.

  • About 80% of our business is building new construction and the other 20% is demolition, restoration, and replacement of old concrete. We also work on specialty jobs that include pervious concrete. We were one of the first companies in Maryland to work with pervious concrete, now we're concentrating on expanding its look with the use of colors and stains.
  • Keeping ahead of the competition in this economic downtime involves work. We constantly are looking for new clients, and now, bidding more than we did in previous years. In the attempt to avoid layoffs, we are cutting our margins to stay competitive, and sometimes working for little or no profit just to keep our employees working. We also are promoting pervious concrete parking lots, driveways, and concrete paved parking lots through Maryland Ready Mix Concrete Association (MRMCA), American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC), and the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association.
  • Another way to stay afloat in this economy is to not limit yourself. We are a company that does a wide variety of work from house renovations, commercial demolition and rehab to structural concrete work, flatwork placing and finishing, and pervious concrete placement.
  • We are currently in the planning stages of a power plant project. Our job is to place a 30-inch-thick mat slab with a double mat of #8 rebar, with trench drains and concrete sump pits at the first floor level for a mineral de-watering facility building. The second floor level will consist of a 6-inch-thick slab with curbs and equipment pads to handle heavy equipment.
  • We started off as a small company with four to five employees. Today, we are continuing to grow through hard work and education, staying ahead of the curve through our continued support from ASCC and MRMCA. We will continue to educate architects, engineers, owners, and private individuals about pervious concrete and its benefits to the environment.