MAPEI Corporation introduced its Below-Grade Waterproofing product line to the North American construction market at the 2016 World of Concrete show. MAPEI has been heavily engaged and very successful in below-grade waterproofing markets elsewhere around the world for some time, to say nothing of the company’s long history of providing waterproofing solutions in many other complementary market segments.

Among the below-grade waterproofing systems introduced at the show were Mapeproof™ sodium bentonite geotextile waterproofing membranes. Mapeproof membranes are constructed using a layer of woven and nonwoven, puncture- and tear-resistant polypropylene fabrics. Encased within these fabrics is high-swelling, self-sealing sodium bentonite. Mapeproof membranes are offered in a standard-grade version (Mapeproof HW) and an alternate grade designed specifically for sites where contaminated or salt groundwater is present (Mapeproof SW).

The other below-grade waterproofing products introduced at the show were Mapethene™ self-adhering, rubberized-asphalt sheet waterproofing membranes. Mapethene membranes are constructed of a 4-mil-thick, impact-resistant, cross-laminated, high-density polyethylene (HPDE) film laminated onto a proprietary 56-mil-thick rubberized-asphalt compound. Mapethene membranes are offered in both high-temperature (Mapethene HT) and low-temperature (Mapethene LT) variants.

Supporting these waterproofing products is a complete line of detailing and accessories, including:
• Mapedrain™ – A product group that includes seven three-dimensional drainage composites, each engineered for specific site drainage requirements.
• Mapebond™ – A product group that includes four contact adhesives, which meet the varied site conditions and the various VOC regulations in place at different locations.

“I am very excited to be leading the effort to introduce these outstanding products to the North American construction market,” said Jason Covington, Business Development Leader and Product Line Manager for the MAPEI Below-Grade Waterproofing category. “MAPEI has the unique distinction of being the only certified ISO 9001 QMS [Quality Management Systems] and ISO 14001 [Environmental Management Systems] company supplying these products to the Americas market. This distinction cements MAPEI’s commitment to product quality. We devote a remarkable 12% of our employees and 5% of our annual revenues to research and development activities to continually improve and innovate.”

As the MAPEI below-grade waterproofing products are accepted into the American market, Covington will gradually introduce additional products and systems. “We expect this category of the construction market to contribute significantly to our business portfolio,” said Luigi Di Geso, president and CEO of MAPEI Americas.

MAPEI Americas

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