A recent survey from Reuters reveals that the majority of Americans favor the use of user fees such as paying for the number of miles a vehicle travels to fix America's infrastructure. The survey was conducted for transportation consulting firm HNTB Corp by Kelton Global, using a sample of 1,002 Americans over the age of 18 between March 14 and 22.

While it is widely acknowledge that repairs are desperately needed for the infrastructure, the gasoline taxes that historically paid for maintenance are waning due to such factors as more efficient vehicles and changing driving habits. In order to meet current and future demand, hundreds of billions of dollars are needed but many states, which use federal and state funds to build surface transportation, have been left to search for new funding streams:

"More and more people realize that road-usage fees options, such as vehicle miles traveled or price managed lanes, are needed to fill the gaps," Matthew Click, HNTB national director of managed lanes, said in a statement.

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