The Consortium for Global Development has created an effective way to help U.S. businesses reach international markets by matching them to active global development projects, while helping to boost the U.S. economy. The Consortium is essential to helping U.S. businesses tap into the $130 billion global development market through its free database, the Global Contractors Library, which matches active global projects to U.S. companies that want to sell goods and services to those projects. The Consortium currently is processing over 100 projects worldwide and is seeking U.S. companies, especially small, medium, and SBA 8(a) businesses that often face difficulties accessing global development projects. The Consortium also helps U.S. companies and individuals bring their technical innovations to global development projects and provides an avenue for them to offer technical advice to global projects. Anyone interested in expanding internationally and working on global projects - businesses, technical consultants, trade associations that want to help their members expand globally, and others - should go to the following websites: and to learn about great international opportunities.

The Consortium for Global Development is a group of non-profit and for-profit entities that uses its innovative PDI Process to improve global development projects. The central element of the PDr Process is the unique use of sole source procurement, which significantly reduces the time to secure project funding and procure goods and services compared to the traditional request for proposal process. Sole-source procurement reduces the time required to award contracts, lowers administrative costs, saves businesses time and money, allows more small business participation, and improves delivery of goods and services.

The Consortium guides global development projects from concept through implementation, and as part of its work, it helps development project managers procure goods and services from private companies. Many U.S. businesses are not aware ofthese global opportunities, or do not know how to get involved in the procurement process. Development projects worldwide received over $130 billion in funding last year, but U.S. goods and services were undelTepresented in those projects. The Consortium tries to make it easy for companies of all sizes and with or without global experience to supply goods and services worldwide, by matching them to specific development projects. By coordinating the efforts of project clients, suppliers of goods and services, technical experts, funders, and foreign liaisons, The Consortium provides unrivaled strategic and technical consulting services that link the public and private sectors and domestic and international interests. This is a great time to think globally, given the difficult U.S. economy and the federal government's recently launched National Export Initiative that makes it easier for U.S. businesses to expand globally.

The Global Contractors Library (GCL), a nonprofit member of The Consortium, is an active database of businesses seeking to supply goods and services to international markets. By joining the free database, businesses can be matched to development projects worldwide. The GCL helps businesses:

  • Reach international markets and join projects funded by USAID, World Bank, etc.
  • Gain a competitive advantage in procurement and contracting over those not on GCL
  • Stand out in a crowded field of vendors and service providers
  • Save time and money by not having to search for projects - the GCL identifies projects that need your company's goods and services. Project developers, funders, and the U.S. government also can use the GCL to find businesses that match their project needs.

For more information, please visit the following websites: and or contact Brian Gorelick at 949-855-5800.