AC•Tech introduced its new “No Stink” Primer for Concrete Overlays at World of Concrete 2016. The AC•Tech RMS-Enviro Primer is a single-coat epoxy resin that seals porous substrates to reduce “pin-holes” and bubbles, control moisture drive, increase adhesion, and minimize cracking in the finished installation. This two-part epoxy resin was specifically engineered with the health and safety of flooring contractors and building occupants in mind.

“RMS-Enviro Primer is a real problem solver,” stated Johan Bohlmann, AC•Tech Field Operations and a member of the firm’s “Substrate Sleuths.” “Not only does it spread fast and uniformly… a big plus when it comes to crew production …but it has none of the odor or VOC emissions that is so prevalent in many of the solvent-based primers used with polished overlays”.

Engineered for lighter duty or price-sensitive projects where only a primer is needed, the AC•Tech RMS-Enviro Primer readily accepts sand broadcast to provide the strong mechanical bond that polished concrete overlays, cementitious underlayments and other breathable wear toppings require.

“The need came to us from the field”, says Bohlmann. “Many of the resilient flooring contractors we have supported for years with moisture mitigation and alkalinity control epoxies are diversifying their business to include polished overlays. They approached us for a better primer. We are always happy to help solve customer issues.”

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