Ryan Spotowski

Decorative concrete may be our industry’s best-known sector because the results make for gorgeous photographs, but few readers earn their livelihood as concrete artisans. From now on, we’ll focus less on achieving “pretty” surfaces and more on beating the competition in a much larger market: overlaying, repairing, and/or restoring previously finished concrete.

You’ll get more details on how crews install overlays and protective systems and polished concrete for commercial, industrial, government, infrastructure, and education customers. They may be new projects, but we won't cover the "place-and-finish" part of the job because that’s what our “mother” publication Concrete Construction does.

Unfortunately, this means Steve VandeWater will no longer contribute a column on decorative concrete. He’s an excellent writer who knows his stuff, always meets his deadlines, and provides great photographs, so I’ll miss working with him. Thank you, Steve.

If you’re working on a project that requires unusual and/or innovative processes and techniques, tell me about it. If you have a question you’d like us

to answer, let me know. E-mail sjohnston@hanleywood.com.

Here’s to our best year yet!