Oldcastle Inc. Contributes $1 Million To Hurricane Relief Efforts

Oldcastle Inc., a leading construction and building materials company, donated $1 million to the American Red Cross to aid in Hurricane Katrina disaster relief efforts. The gift was the combined result of employee donations and a dollar-for-dollar company match.

“The enormous scale of the disaster in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast was devastating and affected so many, including some Oldcastle families,” said Joe McCullough, CEO, Oldcastle Products and Distribution.

Employees from Oldcastle's five product groups worked together to collect over $480,000, which was matched to create the $1 million total.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Oldcastle has operations across 48 states and four Canadian provinces with more than 30,000 employees. For more information on Oldcastle Inc., visit www.oldcastle.com.

NRMCA's new ‘Web sites for the industry'

The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association has launched three new Web sites, each covering a specific ready-mixed concrete application area. The sites have been designed as promotional tools for the use and benefit of the entire concrete industry

The first, www.concreteparking.org, offers comprehensive information on the benefits of concrete parking areas, highlighting pervious concrete parking areas and concrete parking structures while also covering mix design, testing and installation. A resource page directs site visitors to a variety of downloads, publications, and related Web sites. Within weeks of going live, this site became the first listing returned by Google in response to the search query “concrete parking.”

The next site, www.flowablefill.org, provides extensive information concerning the versatile “liquid soil” which is easily placed as a flowable liquid, yet hardens and rapidly develops excellent load-bearing properties with no compaction.

The third new NRMCA Web site is www.greenrooftops.org. Quickly gaining attention across the country, greenroofs are an environmental approach for minimizing the “heat island” effect and storm water runoff through planting foliage on building roofs. When concrete is specified for a greenroof application, owners know they have a truly waterproof system that can be easily maintained for decades rather than requiring periodic replacement. Greenrooftops.org also features a wealth of linked resources.

“These new sites have been designed to promote key ready-mixed concrete applications and to supplement the sites of industry producers and suppliers,” said Glenn Ochsenreiter, vice president of marketing for NRMCA. “We invite links to these sites from other industry Web pages and are glad to provide links in return.”