As an industry editor I hear from lots of suppliers about how their product will solve one concrete problem or another. I listen patiently, because sometimes there’s a great story to tell. Take, for example, this month’s feature article on galvanized rebar (page 32). When Carl Maki with South Atlantic Reinforcing, Wilmington, N.C., first contacted me, I was skeptical. But I learned that this was an interesting product, worth an article and worth considering on a project. So the take-away is to stay open to the ideas from industry manufacturers. Sure they are trying to sell something, but it may be something you really do need.

Windsor Probe

“The Windsor Probe is dependable testing equipment that has an ASTM standard,” wrote Nestor Chonillo, vice president of James Instruments, Inc., Chicago, which manufactures the device. This was in response to an article written by Charles Gresser, “Testing In-Place Concrete” in the April 2012 CC. The intent of this article was to present the options for testing in-place strength and not to promote any one test method. By adding a short section on a new device, though, we implied that the Windsor Probe was inaccurate. That’s not true; we know of many instances where a Windsor Probe has indeed provided accurate and reliable results.

Installing Small Slabs

The Concrete Foundations Association (CFA), most of whose members are residential foundation contractors, is holding its annual meeting in Traverse City, Mich., July 26 to 28. For a preview of the educational events they have planned, check out The Educated Contractor on page 16. A special one-day seminar on installation of small slabs (driveways, parking lots) is planned on July 26 featuring frequent WOC speaker and Concrete Surfaces contributor Kim Basham. If you’ve ever considered going to a CFA meeting, this one might be a good choice—lots of good advice and there’s no place on earth more beautiful in late July than northern Michigan.