To help reduce jobsite injuries, illnesses, and fatalities, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has initiated a focused inspection policy for construction sites, enabling inspectors to zero in on the top safety hazards. Under the plan, implemented by OSHA in January 1995, the typical top-to-bottom OSHA inspection is replaced on qualified projects (those with adequate safety and health programs) by shorter inspections that concentrate on the four leading causes of construction-site fatalities and injuries. The plan is based on a five-year study of accidents that caused most of the fatalities and injuries in construction.

Contractors who have experienced focused inspections say that the abbreviated inspections save time and reduce interruptions at the jobsite. To qualify for a focused inspection, a project must have a safety and health program in place that includes all contractors on-site and a designated competent person who is responsible for and capable of managing the site's program.