You call it fear but what you are really going through when about to be in front of a crowd is an over-supply of adrenaline, a natural substance in the body. When your system receives too much adrenaline, it creates fear and anxiety. It’s natural to be nervous before a presentation. Every professional entertainer experiences some kind of “butterflies” before a performance. The symptoms are usually a nervous stomach, perspiring, shifting eyes, death grip on chairs, and so forth. What can you do about it?

- Practice a few relaxation exercises before you go on—rolling your neck, swinging your arms, stretching.

- Take a deep breath, hold it for eight to 10 seconds, let it out slowly.

- Stand naturally with your feet shoulder-width apart, your hands loose and relaxed. Then shake your hands and arms, letting the vibration work itself into the rest of your body.

- Nervousness adds adrenaline to your system—it can make you sharper and quicker—use it.

- Think of nervousness as a way of ensuring that you are “up” for the presentation.

- The best way to combat nervousness is to come totally prepared for the situation by knowing your subject matter and the major points you need to make. Practice every word 10 times out loud!