For decorative paving entrepreneur P. Michael Fennessy, owner of Stampcrete International, the time is now to make his products affordable not only in the United States, but across the globe. The key to accomplishing that, he says, is to take the middleman out of the equation and instead build a significant online presence.

Fennessy has discovered that his products are 50% to 60% cheaper because of his decision to market strictly online. He notes that by eliminating distributors, both contractors and consumers benefit by realizing lower costs.

Fennessy is offering decorative paving contractors across the nation a significant 40% discount with free shipping. Combined, that represents more than half off current pricing.

“We understand the struggle in today's world in trying to make a living,” he says. “All Stampcrete is trying to do is help contractors make a better living without the cost of expensive shipping.”

Fennessy, an inventor and innovator in the decorative paving world, says that over the last seven years more contractors have seen their costs surge upwards. The recent recession did not help matters. In 2009, the construction industry saw a 52% decline in new construction. “Their sales have sharply declined with the middle-class sector of America shrinking every day,” he says. “We simply want to make their lives better with reduced pricing.”

Stampcrete is a privately held company owned by Michael and his wife Karen Fennessy. Stampcrete prides itself on manufacturing the highest-quality materials along with its patented stamping tool sets. The business is expanding its global brand by offering reputable companies in West Africa, Canada, and the Middle East the opportunity to become a Stampcrete manufacturer in their respective countries. The first plant will open in the fall of 2015.
“Stampcrete intends to partner with companies to create manufacturing plants all over the globe,” Fennessy says. Stampcrete has its trademark filed and active in over 50 countries. “I feel that after three decades, it's time to share with the world hundreds of formulas, customized equipment packages, and patents we have developed over the years,” Fennessy says.

Stampcrete has created a tradition of offering high-quality products and service at the lowest prices for over 30 years and will furnish its 32-page brochure along with a color chip chart free of charge. For more information, call 1-800-233-3298, email, or visit to take advantage of discounted online offers.