As it continues efforts to represent the importance of resiliency and other important industry interests, the PCA Codes and Standards department addressed these issues on several fronts in March through industry coordination, meeting with code officials, and reaching out to new audiences.

Industry Coordination – Through an invitation from the National Precast Concrete Association, PCA presented the concepts, benefits, and need for industry action related to enhanced resiliency at the Precast Show on March 7.
Code Officials – Following a presentation at the Ohio Concrete annual convention in Columbus, Ohio, Concrete staff arranged for a PCA presentation at the annual conference of the Ohio Building Officials Association on March 10. The audience was very receptive to the concepts and issues of increased resiliency, and shared that real change would require grassroots efforts to engage governors, state legislators, mayors, council members, and other civic leaders. They further advised that the opposition to more stringent codes, typically builders and developers, are constantly in contact with civic leaders and cement and concrete industry efforts need to duplicate those contacts.
New Audience – PCA staff, by invitation, brought the need for enhanced community resiliency to a completely different audience during the Society for Advanced Anthropology annual conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on March 27. This new audience could be an ally in other programs. For example, several papers were presented on mortality and morbidity related to increasing temperatures in urban environments. Such work, if combined with prediction models of improvements in health through lower temperatures, could be valuable to promote cool communities that use cool pavements.