Designed to make contractors money with curbers that deliver easy transport, set-up, operation, and ability to work in tight spaces, Phoenix Curb Machines can now serve that niche market even better. The Company and nationally recognized Northwest Technologies have partnered to create a robust redesign that makes curbing easier, more intuitive, more efficient, with greater reliability and improved technical support and that meets growing demand.

Phoenix Curb Machines may look like they just drove out of a Mad Max movie, but what they leave behind on a construction site is beautiful curb, quickly and easily extruded. “We’re a team of construction contractors and high tech nerds, so we’re constantly looking at ways of taking our machines to the next level,” says Phoenix Curb Machines Business Development Director, Darrell Ketch. “We needed a design and manufacturing partner, as passionate as we are about quality, to brainstorm with us and redesign the machines from the ground up. We also wanted everything done under one roof---design, fabricating, welding, laser cutting, forming, signage, powder coating, even customer training.”

Nationally recognized manufacturer Northwest Technologies was so impressed with the machines they made physical changes to their seven-acre campus to accommodate manufacturing. “I haven’t seen a machine on the market that was designed like this, looks like this, or runs like this. It’s just super cool,” says President of Northwest Technologies, Eric Sale. “One of our sweet spots is helping people take a great product and perfect it from the ground up, using the latest technology for a more efficient machine.”

Through a nine-month consolidation, collaboration, innovation process, Phoenix Curb Machines and Northwest Technologies made the following updates:
• On-site training, customer support and trouble shooting from the field
• More fuel efficient hydraulic system and better valve protection
• Intuitive electronic control system
• Ease of transportation set-up and ability to work in tight spaces
• Renewed ability to meet product demand, shortening the wait period
• Centralized point of distribution
• Superior R&D

“We were very excited the first time we drove the first machine off the floor. It’s super smooth and one of our assembly team members—without any training—was able to start it and set it up on a stringline,” says Sale.

“With the reconstruction we’re going through in our nation and globally, contractors need a machine that’s easy to transport, set-up, operate and that can work efficiently in tight spaces,” says Ketch. “We fill a niche that’s a huge money-making opportunity for contractors.”

Phoenix Curb Machines

Northwest Technologies, Inc.