Ever since the Pyramids were constructed the Number 1 building cost and the Number 1 building problem has been materials handling-getting heavy building materials to the place where they will actually be used in a structure. In an overwhelming number of cases we are still handling materials as we did when the Pyramids were built- by hand. One of the most promising equipment developments for handling concrete on the job is the power buggy. Perhaps a dozen manufacturers of power equipment now offer well established lines. Contractors who have made the switch report some impressive cost advantages, and the picture is surprisingly uniform regardless of the make or type of equipment. Although many concrete contractors have been quick to take advantage of new construction methods, there are still a great many who are slow to modernize. Facing every contractor is the gnawing question of cost: will the necessary investment in equipment pay off in savings on the job? Experience shows that it has and there is nothing to indicate that it won't in this last bastion of hand operation as well.