In March, at the American Concrete Institute's annual meeting, three new proposed ACI standards were presented. Two of the three proposed standards were adopted by the convention attendees and will most likely be voted in as Institute standards. One was sent back to the committee for further review. The first one was ACI 301: Specifications for structural concrete for buildings. Up until now ACI 318 was the commonly used standard in the specification of reinforced concrete buildings. Voices had been raised, however, complaining that this standard was not specific enough to be a definitive answer for use in concrete building construction. In answer to these complaints, ACI Committee 301 was formed to develop proposed specifications specifically to guide the design and construction of concrete buildings. ACI 301 incorporates such matters as architectural concrete finishes, special floor finishes, preplaced aggregate concrete, non-shrink grouts, and acceptance guides that were not available in a single concerted specification designed to serve the special needs of structural concrete for buildings. The second one was ACI 506: Recommended practice for shotcreting. Shotcrete refers to mortar or concrete conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high velocity onto a surface. ACI 506 undertakes the difficult job of making recommendations for shotcrete, material requirements, application procedures, and testing. The last one was ACI 302: Recommended practice for concrete floor and slab construction. Like the standard on shotcreting, this floor and slab standard posed problems for ACI Committee 302 because there is a great deal of art mixed in with the science of floor construction. As in all art, controversy is inevitable. This controversy resulted in a negative vote by the convention attendees and the proposed standard was returned to the committee.