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Do you think the new long-term highway bill (Fast, Fixing America’s Surface Transportation) recently passed by Congress will result in any additional work for your company?
A lot: 22%
A little: 44%
None: 22%
Wait and see: 11%

Do you like to use concrete with a high percentage of fly ash?
We are glad to use it: 44%
We don’t mind using it: 28%
We dislike it for flatwork: 28%

How much does sustainability (LEED-based requirements) come up in your contracts?
Frequently: 0%
Occasionally: 42%
Seldom: 29%
Never: 29%

How much will the new silica dust exposure rules impact your company?
A lot, it will be expensive: 33%
Somewhat, although we already protect our workers: 33%
Not at all since we can easily comply: 10%
I don’t know—I haven’t figured it out yet: 24%

What time of year do you typically make decisions on purchasing new equipment?
Fall: 46%
We make decisions based on current need, not related to the time of year: 36%
Spring: 9%
Summer: 9%
Winter: 0%

Have you used lean construction on a project or projects?
We have used some lean techniques on one or two projects and found it beneficial: 45%
No, we have not: 36%
We have been learning about it and plan to use lean soon: 9%
We are using lean processes on all of our projects: 9%
We have used some lean techniques on one or two projects but did not find it beneficial: 0%


Do you have any decorative concrete features built into your own home?
No: 30%
Yes, concrete floors: 10%
Yes, concrete countertops or furniture: 20%
Yes, exterior decorative concrete: 40%
Yes, architectural concrete walls: 0%
How do you cure the surface of a concrete slab?
The surface doesn’t really need to be cured: 5%
Membrane-forming curing compound:40%
Disposable curing blankets: 12%
Misting water: 27%
Polypropylene film: 8%
Other: 8% (Curing Spray, "Depends of what the future use is, curing compound fore sure, sometimes poly too," Saturated Burlap, Colloidal Nano Silica Impregnation, Polyetilene Film Curing Compound, 7 Day Water Cure, Densification, Water Ponding, "Depends on ambient conditions and whether on grade or elevated," Soybean Penetrating Sealer, Chemically reactive non-membrane forming coating, Silica Additives)
Which trade/industry events do you plan on attending this year?
World of Concrete: 24%
National association meeting: 35%
Local Association meeting: 17%
Manufacturer training session: 6%
Online training session: 12%
None: 6%