Construction Innovations LLC, manufacturer of the award winning BOLT STAR reusable bolt template, announced today that it has appointed Rack-A-Tiers Mfg. Inc. of Victoria, British Columbia, to serve as the exclusive master distributor in Canada.

Under the agreement, Rack-A-Tiers will market BOLT STAR to electrical supply, construction and industrial supply distributors operating in the various Canadian provinces. Rack-A-Tiers is a Canadian corporation with an established reputation both in Canada and the U.S. for offering products that solve real problems contractors face every day in the field. “Our goal was to find a Canadian company with experience distributing innovative construction tools like Bolt Star,” says Ken Gregory, President of Construction Innovations LLC. “We are delighted that Rack-A-Tiers has over 20-years’ experience in the Canadian construction supply market, and has built an impressive line of over 140 quality products.”

BOLT STAR radically improves the productivity of crews by eliminating the time consuming, repetitive and error prone practice of building wood bolt templates. With BOLT STAR, there is no measuring, cutting and drilling of holes as required with wood templates. The innovative tool is designed to hold four anchor bolts and the structural rebar cage in place during the pour of a light pole base or round column form. The round concrete foundations, typically 24” or 18” in diameter, are commonly specified for parking lot and outdoor area lighting, tennis and sports courts, street lighting, security camera poles, street signs and flag poles.

In 2015 BOLT STAR received the prestigious NOVA Award for its contribution to construction efficiency, quality, safety and reducing construction waste. BOLT STAR also has won the 2015 Construction & Engineering Award from BUILD Magazine; the 2014 Product of the Year Award for Specialty Products from EC&M Magazine; and the 2014 Top Products Award from Electrical Products & Solutions Magazine.

Other advantages of BOLT STAR over wood templates include: 1) arched arms in the tool’s patented design gives work crews the ability to trowel finish the entire top of the base immediately after the pour without removing the template. This ensures that bolts are held securely in position while the concrete sets up, lowering the risk of costly rework due to bolts shifting out of alignment; 2) adjustable bolt slots for bolt circle patterns ranging from 7” to 14”gives contractors added flexibility to adjust to a pole manufacturer’s specification, in the field if necessary, whereas multiple wood templates are commonly built for specific bolt sizes and bolt circle diameters; and 3) cage tie slots help keep the rebar cage centered in the concrete form, a benefit when it comes to passing inspections.

BOLT STAR is made in the USA and is available in 18-inch and 24-inch sizes. A larger 30-inch version is slated for release this summer.

Construction Innovations LLC

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