One of my friends who is deeply concerned about research in concrete said to me privately: "Most of the concrete research in progress in the world is still pointlessly aimed at acquiring a deeper recognition of the nature and characteristics of conventional concrete- which can in no way be altered thereby (i.e., it cannot pay for the research)." I propose that what concrete research needs is improved understanding- and hence improve appreciation- by all concerned- of its nature and purpose. Those concerned with research on concrete are all of the members of the human race- society- the public mankind. Concrete is the symbol, the metaphor, par excellence, for the actions of humanity in modifying the natural environment in which it finds itself. Concrete may be the symbol of mankind's often not so intelligent modification of its natural environment up to now, but it is necessarily the product that man must use more wisely if he is to do better at the further modification- or remodification- of his environment. What should the researchers be doing? They should be doing everything that needs to be done to learn what happens when cement and water are mixed; why cement paste hardens; why cement paste changes volume on drying; what happens at the boundary between cement paste and aggregate; how water moves in concrete; how cement can be made more economically; how better cement can be made; how better houses/roads/ dams can be built- quicker- and at lower cost; and so on and on. Where will it lead? It will lead to concretes have properties appropriate to their use, produced and placed at lower costs; to wider use of concrete; to more efficient use of raw materials; to better homes for people; to safer transportation facilities; and to increased profits for producers.