Many people have been waiting to hear the results of the 1st Annual Concrete Grind Off held in Las Vegas after the World of Concrete between Lavina, Husqvarna, Aztec, Terrco, CMW and WerkMaster. Unfortunately, HTC pulled out of the event.

There were three categories: 25" & Under Electric; 32" Electric and 32" Propane.

WerkMaster was unique in that it participated in all three classes, using the Electric and Propane TITAN and the Electric COLOSSOS in the 32" category.

WerkMaster ran DRY in all three categories and was the only competitor to polish the edges in all events.

Category Results:

1. Proprietary or Standard Abrasived: Lavina Terrco
2. Dual Single Phase and 3 Phase Power Capability: WerkMaster
3. Edging: WerkMaster TITAN 1/4", COLLOSSOS 1/8", Propane TITAN 1/4" (TITANS will obtain 1/8" from wall with standard skirt fitted.
4. Least Damage to Edging: WerkMaster
5. Dust Collection, least dust on floor no airborne dust: WerkMaster
6. Grinder Maneuverability / Obstacle Course / Mfr. Run: WerkMaster
7. Grinder Maneuverability / Corner / Mfr. Run: WerkMaster
8. Grinder Maneuverability / Obstacle Course / Judges Run: WerkMaster
9. Grinder Maneuverability / Corner / Judges Run: WerkMaster
10. Lowest Noise and Vibration: WerkMaster
11. Gloss Meter Reading 25": Lavina, 32": Lavina, Propane: Aztec
12. First Impressions / User Experience: WerkMaster
13. Fastest to Finish: Terrco (No edging and wet.)

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