Sakai America, a vibratory compaction equipment manufacturer in Adairsville, Ga., is looking for builders of reservoirs, canals, and landfills to verify outstanding results using their upgraded 84-inch soil compactor. The prototype machine (shown) was purchased by the landfill contractor who tested it. Two more demo units are scheduled for early March availability. Various tire types will be available along with combination, smooth, or pad foot drums. The smooth tires and drum shown on this machine provide surprisingly good traction and leave no imprint in the soil — a plus for soil cement applications.

Massive torque was added to the drive system to allow constant work on slopes up to 30 degrees. A Sakai-designed traction control system, used extensively in the Sakai SV510, ensures all available friction at the drum and tires is utilized no matter the direction of travel. By allowing each motor to do the most work possible, pressure and heat are reduced in the hydraulic system.

This machine will replace the CV550 tracked soil roller. Advantages include: EPA-compliant engine, faster travel speed (8 mph compared to 3 mph for the CV550 on level ground), better fuel economy, better slope performance, and no tracks or their associated expense. The CV550 was designed to travel on slopes only in forward, which, when combined with slow travel speed, made it useful only on certain jobs. Sakai believes the new machine outperforms the tracked roller, making it more versatile. It also costs less to purchase and maintain.

The next two units will be built with blades, cab, and HVAC system to improve operator comfort.

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